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Help with some contrast issues requested...

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Eh guys. Specifically there are a couple of maps where I experience the following issues: 

1) Two neighbours- the contrast between shells and the water makes the shells practically invisible. I'd rather not go to a mod- but I'd like to try and figure out of there's a setting that I can turn down (I'm pretty much maxed on my settings) to bring out some of the colour in the shells against that weird backdrop. 

2) I don't recall the maps exactly but there are a few when I'm playing a CV where the indicator is so bright I can't see the target anymore. I need to zoom in to wild degrees which of course decreases my overall situational awareness... which I'd like to avoid if possible. Looking to turn the colour down on the indicator in general.


Is there anything in game that I can adjust that will help me remedy or am I off to Aslains? 



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