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Legion Container Query - Do they expire?

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I was wondering what happens when the Legion containers go "off sale" and you still have a few you haven't opened?

Common sense would dictate that they'd stay in your hold until you decide to open them however I was hoping someone can confirm/deny this from previous years offerings, and that they don't auto-open and get added to your inventory when they are no longer available.

Reasons why I might want to keep them unopened:

  • Prospective premium time might be in them and I might be going offline for a few weeks/months.
  • Keep a few as a personal reward that I can open when I hit a 8 match losing streak and need to convince myself that the game is worth playing still.

etc. etc.

Thanks for your time.


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Just open them. Sheesh. They aren't worth that much :p 

As for premium time... In the countless boxes of all types I've opened.. it's only shown up once. And that was not in a Legion container!  I have no doubt someone has received premium time, but it seems to be, after watching people on youtube open dozens at once...  exceptionally rare. 

But yea, once they are yours, they're yours. My assumption would be they'd stay in your account. You bought/earned them. 

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