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The Pall (Part 4)

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If you haven't already, please read  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

Meanwhile, the @Alien_Observer was having troubles of his own. Something had been disrupting his instruments for weeks now. Suddenly, his warp engines, and his impulse engines too, completely shut down. There was nothing he could do but transfer to emergency power and initiate an emergency stasis field to attain a gravity @NeutralState before he crashed onto a rocky, deserted island jutting from the sea just off of the coast from The Forest. When the dust settled, the Observer noticed that his cloaking device had been damaged and that his ship could now be detected. However, at the moment, being detected by the humans was the least of his concerns. His instruments were going crazy in a @Flashtirade of disconcerting data; every monitor flashing the warning @senseNOTmade. It was as if a hole had been ripped in the universe not far from where his ship had crashed. However, even this fact wasn't as disturbing as what he detected pouring through the rift. Terra-forming and mutagenic nanogenes! This was a clear indication that a trans-dimensional species was invading and attempting to change this world, if not the galaxy itself, to suit themselves. This threw the “observe only, never interfere” pact out the window because now the entire galaxy was facing an imminent threat. The Observer, @NCC81701 , quickly began formulating a plan to contact the humans.


Back at @CompassRose and @Dr_Venture's place, the trio was sitting down for a @beerandasmoke. It should be said here that they weren't smoking tobacco, which is bad for your health, but a combination of medicinal herbs that the Snargfargle had long-ago concocted to maintain the immune systems of his friends and anyone else who would listen to him. Getting someone to listen to him was becoming more and more difficult, however, in this age of skepticism where humanity considered him to be a mere myth to be scoffed at and those few who saw him with their own eyes generally blocked the memory from their minds because he didn't fit into their paradigm.

Suddenly, the Staff of Ages began to glow with an eldritch yellow light. Well, so much for keeping it a secret from these two. At the same time, in the lab, Rose's detection equipment began to go, well, “bonkers” would be the non-scientific term for it. As Dr_Venture passed his rock collection on the way to the lab to see what was going on he noticed that a tiny crystal shard there also was glowing with the same light as the Snargfargle's staff. He had found the shard in one of the three ruins that were on separate islands just off the coast. Nobody living knew what those ancient towers had originally been used for or what long-lost civilization had erected them. They had been in ruins long before Europeans settled on the continent and even the Amerindians only knew them in their mythology as the "Three Brothers" who had once protected the coast. Yes, nobody living knew what the towers had actually been used for. Nobody living, that is, except for the Snargfargle, who well knew the purpose for which they had been erected; for he, himself, had helped build them.

The Snargfargle quickly explained to the doctors why he had come, and they just as quickly revealed to him what they had been up to in the lab. The trio then determined that they could use the Staff of Ages to enhance the monitoring equipment. Their combined equipment showed that there was no longer just subtle disturbance occurring in the The Forest. Just off the coast it was as if the universe itself was being torn asunder. The Snargfargle looked at the data and thought, with considerable alarm, "Oh no, it's happening again!"

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31 minutes ago, Alien_Observer said:

Nothing here to see Humans,,,,,,, continue to pew pew ships.



I'll bet that draws looks from passers by. 

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