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Camo-more options

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The problem is that I think that WG sees those really gaudy camouflages as a way to entice younger players to the game.

The truth is that a lot of historical camos were actually incredibly gaudy, but not in their color selections.


I personally really dislike the new Frosty Fir camo colors.  But I have to admit that one criteria I have when it comes to liking or disliking a camo is whether I find that the colors and the scheme fit my personal expectations of what a camo by that name should look like.  So when I see a name like "Frosty Fir", I'm expecting a color  scheme that's reminiscent of snow on fir trees, i.e. basically a color set of white and a dark green.  But that's not what we got.

I also don't like the matchup of the name "Ocean Soul" with its camo.  "Ocean Soul" is a very evocative, poetic name that should have a camo pattern that reminds one of the sea.  Ya know, a camo like the one on the Kamikaze R.  Not a camo of horizontal stripes that's sort of black and white.  Not that the actual Ocean Soul camo is horrible, it's just not "Ocean Soul" to me.  It's just "camo pattern number blah-dee-blah".

On the flip side, the school bus camo only partially offends my senses.  I can't get too worked up over it because its color scheme does match the name.  It succeeds at making your ship reminiscent of a school bus.  The part of me that doesn't like it, doesn't like it because I feel that a gaudy school bus camo has no place in the game.  But I do respect that the name does match the look.

Of course, there are some camos where the name has little meaning to it, so then it's all about the look.  Like the Gamescon camo.

I don't need the game's camos to be strictly ripped from historical sources.  I'm ok with camos that look like they "could" be realistic, even if they never really existed.


On a related note, in World of Tanks, I was always really annoyed that WG never added a German desert camo pattern based on the historical and iconic mustardy yellow/tan paint job.  I mean seriously, they couldn't be bothered to add in such a simple, single color camouflage that was THAT iconic?  Jeez.  That was really, really annoying.

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