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Why isnt Campaigns showing added time?

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So after the latest f-up by wargaming about a mission being bugged on the last set for DoY they promised that there would be compensation for the lost time of adding 2 extra days and 10 Type 59 camos.

I received the camos but I am curious if they implemented the change in the campaign time because it is still showing that the campaign ends in 2 days. 

I truly hope WG doesnt try to pull a fast one because that would seriously piss people off. They wasted an entire day on a patch that could have happened that same day for it so I would at least like some visual confirmation in game that the campaigns have been extended. 

Not that it really affects me because I will get my Scharnhorst camo I just dont find it right that they havent fixed this issue yet. 

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I saw a post on the asia forum (or was it reddit?)..

- The campaigns have been extended  by 2 days

- The game doesn't show the extension because they would need an update to change the display

Perhaps in the update 7.0 the dates will display properly

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