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Shippy (so mawkish it'll make you ralph)

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A parody of "Honey" as sung by Bobby Goldsboro


See Shippy, all blown up now
The torp it hit. I should have zagged but then I zigged
I scoffed at them and now I'm sad
No more will I e'r sail Shippy, and it's a drag

I had bought a brand-new Premium
Thought that I would kick some <bleep> now, be so fine
They warned me to learn my stuff now, bad things happen pretty quick
To noobs in the game

I thought that I was pretty smart
Yeah, they were dumb and I was smart, and this I knew
Now, there ain't nothing that's worth knowing
That I don't know, so you all just shut your pie-hole 

And I would sure embarrass them
When I come in from a hard day's work, and started up the game
When I would sink them they'd all be a-cryin'
But I would be a laughin' at them, just the same

And Shippy, I miss you
I ain't fellin' good
I thought you were strong but you
Were made out of wood

You're all wrecked now and I'm so mad
You sank beneath the waves so deep, but what the heck
I'll just go back to the Port
And you will be a-sittin' there, no more a wreck

I then found unexpectedly
That I'd been rather heedlessly forgetting the right gear
Ships ain't rad without no bling now
So you'd best fit 'em out, then you'll have nought to fear

And Shippy, I'll kiss you
And I'll feel so good
If you were a real ship now
I'd feed you some food

Then one day I clicked the mouse 
I didn't mean to, I was drunk, and sold the ship
Now no more do I sail with Shippy
It was all the boozes fault, drunk ain't so hip

Now my Port's an empty quay
Where Shippy rocked, and Shippy swayed, and I threw up
And all the fishies ate the bread and
Flipped and flapped and had such fun, 'twas good enough

But see the quay, now look there close
Yes friend, it hasn't been too long, and ain't it hip?
And I laugh and leap, no longer sad
Cause I submitted a ticket and the Admins returned my ship!

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GhostDog sez the crowd goes wild but he forgot to mention they're going wild for the barf bags.  Your parody is spot on but omg this is one of the worst songs in history.  I grew up with all the girls I knew swooning over this drivel.  I do admire you making gold from horses**t!

No matter what they say, keep on rocking!

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