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The Forum Troll

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One fine day in the forum, a troll slunk out from deep within the recesses of the vile pit of despair it called home. The revealing light of critical thought hurt its eyes and the keen, biting wind of intellectualism stung its slimy, putrescent skin. However, the forum troll had heard of new posts and felt an insatiable urge to go comment on them.

As it approached the forest of information, it spied a succulent post hanging from a single thread. The forum troll could hardly believe its bleary eyes. Here was a rare find indeed! It was the first ever post by a brand-new forumite. The troll shook with glee at the thought (that is, what passed for a thought in its doltish mind) of how it was going to taint this new poster's experience of the forums forever. It didn't matter if the new poster was smarter or had a keener wit than the troll, it would show him a thing or two about venturing into its forum.

The troll reached for its bag of emoticons. Which to use, for it could only use one at a time? Was it worked up enough it use “angry”? No, that was too much work because its troll mind wasn't even of such a capacity to fully understand such strong emotions. This left “bad” and “boring.” The troll picked up a “boring” but this reminded it that nap time was drawing near and it almost fell into a slumber right then and there. However, it shook itself awake, sleep would have to come later, this troll was on a mission. The troll thus selected a “bad.” Yes, this was going to work well. Telling a new poster that his good post was bad would be like kicking a puppy for doing the right thing, it would damage his forum experience forever.

The troll then raised its bulbous arm to affix the emoticon but the poster's IQ was too high. Try as it might, the troll could not affix the emoticon; the new poster's sense of humor, cordiality, and intellect were so far beyond the grasp of a troll that the beast could never hope to reach such heights. The troll tried again and again, gnashing its teeth and releasing howls and whimpers with each jump, but to no avail. It would never be able to even come close to souring this poster's experience. The troll then sighed and slunk back to the vile pit from whence it came, thinking to itself “dat stoopid post nert werth my time ninny way.”

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@Snargfargle  when I click on one of your posts I never know what I'm going to find, but the odds are solid that it'll be entertaining! 

IMHO, education and feedback posts alone do not define good community contributors.  Entertaining posts go along way to offsetting all too frequent rant and troll posts, ultimately helping raise WoWS forums to a higher level than might be found on the web.  Keep 'em coming, please.

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trolls..............go back to school n00bs this be my bridge!


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chapter two

the troll responded anyway "foil hats!! git gud!"

knocked his head on a rock, it sounded like wood,

foul words from his mouth, from his keyboard a gif,

his attitude stank like his breath, you don't want a whiff.

i'm all done I've run out of beer,

can't make a rhyme from anything here.

anon.  just now



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