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Winter Mystery Mystery solved

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If a person is in game at time the Super League Ranked Challenges either show up or go away the Winter Mystery Mission will show up in their mission options again...easily gotten rid of by rebooting if it bothers anybody but that's the trigger that is causing it to show up. Only paid attention to it last night as I noticed after a battle that "Winter" showed up last night & at the same time "League" option disappeared in my challenge options & just now after a battle "League" option just appeared & so did the "Winter" option that wasn't there before. 

I haven't solved how to stop it from happening (as my title may suggest) but I have solved the source of it I do believe...that is assuming somebody else hasn't solved it already...haven't checked forums about it but did notice a lot of posts in forums about it before so thought I'd share...sorry if this is a stale dated subject.


Edit: not reoccurring...unless it was fixed since I guess I was wrong...doesn't seem to happen all the time so there's obviously some other factors that are causing it also but may still be a factor but other factors need to happen at same...or just coincidence. But "Winter" hasn't been showing up again at all since so no more data to add...if it reoccurs I'll try to figure out new parameters from there.

New Edit: It doesn't occur every time the "League" happens but is definitely tied to it...it not only occurred again today but I left it up until the "League" ended today & it didn't go away then but the progress of the "Winter" changed...as has been reported many times when it showed up it had 1st 2 stages done & allowed no progress on 3rd stage but when the "League" ended tonight the "Winter" reset completely to no progress at all on any of the stages...assuming this will either be fixed w/update tomorrow or will just run ouit when the Ranked season ends & there's no more Super League Challenges to trigger it.

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Confirmation..."Winter" is defianately (but not always) triggered by "Super League

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