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I'll make a ship out of you (song parody)

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In the vein of @Snargfargle's parodies, a song about building a model kit of a ship, to the tune of



I've got a long way to go ...


Let's get down to business! To complete the hull.

'Twould be so much easier, If I could find, that gun!

This is the most parts I've ever seen

But before the month is through

I'll make a ship, out of you!


All these numbered sprues, all the parts are here

Follow the instructions, I have no fear

I'll clip them out and clean them up

And then I'll get my glue

In time I'll make a ship, out of you!


I'm never going to find that part ...

Oh I glued it to my finger

Now do I glue this part here or there

The instructions are all wrong!

Now I've got to give it time to dry

Then it's on to paint and weathering


Be a ship!

Mix the colors for the base coat!

Be a ship!

Prime and paint, it's looking awesome

Be a ship!

Detail then a wash and clear coat

It's really starting to come together!


Paint the tiny details on guns one through nine

Do the anchorchain up and let it dry

Now place the masts and deckrailing

And with that I'm almost through

I've really made a ship out of you!


Be a ship!

Apply the wash and let it settle!

Be a ship!

Final touch ups and weathering!

Be a ship!

Now let me put on the final clear coat!

It's done now, on to the next!

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I have a five year old grandson. I can sing that song in heart beat! Had to listen to the movie 6 times while he was watching it in the back seat driving from Houston and Dallas.

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Nice job Lert, I like it!  :cap_like:

I took my kids to see that movie... I've heard that song endlessly from DVDs..  lol. 


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Never heard the song, and I'm really glad!

But nice transmogrification.


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