If it's stats you're concerned about, let's get the person who was, as of August, third in server average for Dunkerque, @Rolkatsuki. Granted, they're only seeing T7s maximum here, but they still tank over 2 Million Potential Damage through auto-bounce and damage saturation mechanics... and most of it while bow-in.  "You're not going to be tanking anything" isn't really applicable. Ridiculing fat people was very common where I came from. However, obesity was still very prevalent. It's too much of that "Southern Cooking" with too little restraint.
See, ridiculing fat people doesn't make them be not fat; in fact, it can make some stress-eat, which makes them more fat. And, if you ridicule fat people but mark-up the costs of all the healthy foods to hell and back, then you just get a bunch of fat people who can't afford the healthy foods. And, when you combine that with the critical lack of crossroads on dangerous intersections and an overall lack of road-law enforcement in my hometown, then you get people who can't afford to eat healthy and can't adequately exercise because the people who come down the roads just fly through like a bat out of Hell, with no regard to the safety of others.
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