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USSR Heavy Cruiser

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Stalingrad has already been teased by WG as a Clan Wars reward for those players who can earn the Stalingrad flag three times.


My guess is that she will be like the Flint, and my current estimations make her an insanely broken ship even at T10.

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Well for Russian Heavy Cruisers you have the

1) Tallinn (Improved German Hipper class probably with Russian AA)

2) Kronstadt:  Similar to German Gneisinau but with cruiser type protective scheme but she really is closer to being a Battlecruiser with her 15 inch guns

3)  Stalingrad

You might also be able to put the Kirov and Molotov classes in this category as well.  Their 7.1 inch guns are bigger than a light cruisers but smaller than the 8 inch guns used by other navies.  Still, they have good firepower and their protective scheme is similar to what you'd find in an early treaty cruiser so they could be fitted into this slot. 

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On ‎1‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 10:06 PM, sasquatch_research said:


Wargaming:  Build the Stalingrad heavy cruiser, we want it!  For History!!



I agree

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