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4K FPS issue with MSAA

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Running at 4K resolution. My FPS are capped at 60 FPS. 

About every other game, the FPS will drop to 45 FPS. Changing my MSAA setting will restore it to 60 FPS.

It doesn't matter if I change it to higher setting, lower setting, or off...as long as I change it, it goes back to 60 FPS.


(I know, wrong forum, but I have posted in 'correct' forums and when the issue came up in a FAQ session the Dev said, and I quote, "Is this even a thing? I have not had anyone even mention this before now." So, the proper forums are NOT getting the information to the Devs.)

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This happened to me as well. However, you gotta realize that WoWs is not (yet) optimized for 4k and your computer would have to try and upscale every resolution to get to that 4k, so that would come at the sacrifice of frames. I run 1440p most of the time at a solid 73-75fps, MSAA at low. Try maybe downscaling your resolution to boost those frames, a 4k monitor can definitely run 1440p XD

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