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IJN CV First Impressions

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So I unlocked the Hosho and bought the upgraded modules. I've taken her into battle twice; I got killed quickly, and we lost, but between the two battles, I did nearly 50k damage and sunk 3 enemy targets. 

I think if I get used to the autodrop thing over the next two tiers, I am going to enjoy myself. I've already killed more DDs in one game with a flattop than I did before that in American flattops, but I think I can get even better. Those IJN torps hurt; don't know about the bombs, but they should be fairly decent. Also, the ship itself doesn't handle like a brick. 

With some silver, I got a captain with a skill point, that I used on Aircraft Servicing Expert. If anyone has recommendations for additional skill points, please shout them below.

Those are some thoughts about IJN flattops. Thanks!

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It is probably easier to kill dd because of two TBs allow cross drop.

IJN Bombs are vastly inferior to USN in damage. But IJN have smaller circle so less RNGs.

I'm not sure about "handle like a brick" because both nations are bad at maneuverability. But USN are really lacking behind in speed at low tier.


Captain skill are fairly straightforward across the board


Tier 1 ASE

Tier 2 TA

Tier 3 TAE

Tier 4 AS

Then take dog-fighting because ammo. Then boost AA (AFT, Manual AA) Or CE If you want to get close to action

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Congratulations on your Hosho.

If you happen to have, or in the future purchase the Kaga; (Tier 7 IJN CV) i suggest training your CV captains toward these skills.


NOTE: these are my Hakuryu skills, that you will want to lead towards in your IJN CV's.



Skill point levels:

1). Dog fighting expert: (ONLY FOR KAGA and HIRYU): As a Kaga you have T6 planes in a T7 ship. The skill will help your fighters deal with Saipan; Same for Hiryu.

2). Torpedo Acceleration:  All IJN CV's need this skill. Having faster torpedoes is extremely useful for sinking enemy Destroyers.

NOTE: With the skill Torpedo Acceleration( #2)  it is vital that you take in mind the arming distance of your torps will change.

3). Basic Firing training:  This skill is vital at Tiers 4 (Hosho)  to T7 (Hiryu/Kaga). Since these tiers of carrier lack the defensive fire consumable, CV "snipes" are more common and deadly. Having extra AA helps.

4). Air Supremacy:  This is the first T4 skill you need to purchase. having 4 fighters in a squadron is worse than the 7 fighters for USN CV's. Having an extra fighter is always useful. 


Feel free to change and modify your skills to match your playstyle, this is just a broad cover of what the skeleton of your captain's skills should look like.


Hope this helps



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