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Why did he go AFK and cost our team

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Ever wonder why you start a game and one of your team-mates just went afk?  It could well be they are using a mac and therefore the mac wrapper supported by CodeWeaver since WOWS doesn't support Mac.  Cry no longer at having lost the game, the experience you could have if there had been one more active player, the money on consumables etc. because there is a good solution.

According to CodeWeaver Support: "there is an issue of a memory leak which is cause of the crashing and unstableness you are experiencing. This we know is an ongoing problem as it is part of the 32bit client. We would like to resolve this issue by providing a 64bit client, but unfortunately Wargaming does not want to port to 64bit at this time. We are left with short term fixes like un-installing WoWs and doing a clean install or rebooting the machine."

The "unstableness" is the afk thing.  From the end of the mac user everything appears to load normally until game start and then...at start or shortly after "freeze" due to the 32bit client WOWS appears to be insisting upon.  Perhaps it's time to up the client so everyone plays, nobody wastes there time, money or walks away from what otherwise is a fun game.  Come on WOWS...

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