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Replay bug in, gives annoying popup for newbs

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"Press Shift key to go into Binocular view"

Ya, OKAY, like I didn't know that

During a replay too. I am so going to press shift so I can go into binocular view and shoot the ships in a replay.

BTW, I am mashing both left and right shift key to make the popup go away, but it only seems to work sometimes.

If you can get into binocular view, this popup usually goes away, but will sometimes comeback again.

No option in settings to disable it either.


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I have seen that in replays also.  Don't remember having a problem with it going away after I clicked on it and shifted back.  


I do have one that is confusion on my part and has happened after the 6.15.1 patch.  I keep having old missions pop up and it is generally the same ones.  I finished them but they pop up once again.  I had them on Wednesday and now again today.  They pop up after inactivity on my part.


Don't remember if I was collecting them again or not, but will edit this once I have run a few battles.



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Yeah ahave the same problem with the overlay only that it say's i need to press mouse button 6... well did that didn't go away... guess just another annoying WG bug. 


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