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AFK in ranked battles

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Afk in ranked battles is happening way to often and it makes me wonder can this be happening for cheating reasons? I think so. and no one is doing anything to stop it. Fix this please. If someone does not do any damage in a ranked battle he should be booted from playing in ranked battles at least 24 hrs. Fix this please for the ones that that are trying to rank up. Last 3 games I've had 1 dd and 1 bb afk in 2 games. and I've seen more since ranked battles started. Some people will do anything to rank. I have 3 comps in my house i could be doing it also. So sad to have people screw up a good thing.

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23 minutes ago, 1SneakyDevil said:

You've yet to show how an afk is cheating which is the whole premise of your thread.

This, if it is anything it is griefing if it is being done on purpose or if the player knows he is likely to not load in.

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