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Seven Average Players

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Seven Average Players

A parody of "Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image


Seven average players queued up for a Ranked Warships(tm) game
Hoping that they and their ships could somehow win the day
"Good luck have fun all!" they called out but their words drew no response
For the Reds were drop-sync'd unicums but this they could not know

The Reds could not be bothered to watch the chat at all
'Cause they were too busy talking on TeamSpeak, you know
As a cold dark wind was blowin' out o'er the deep blue sea
Seven average players were sailing off to history

Ride, uni's ride, upon your best-spec'd ships
Be amazed at the fine stats that you have amassed
Ride, uni's ride, confident that you will win
But there could be something that you just might have missed

When the game was over the results were plain to see
Not a single Green was lost, the unicums they'd soundly beat
How the random team could win, remains a mystery
But those seven average players sailed off into Warships(tm) history

Uni's don't pout now because you played so bad
You should know that a drop-sync isn't where it's at
Accept it that, this game, those stars weren't yours to have
And know that seven average players pawned you bad


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Awesome!  Nice work!  (still looking for those six other average players.   One day....)

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