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Played Kirov as a Torpedobote, Had Fun

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So I this one match I was in the other day, I threw caution to the wind and made the floating Tier V citadel a torpedobote. It was fun. Devious fun. :cap_haloween: Of course, only a few battleships were left before our side won the match, so I hid behind an island and popped out of the island and launched a spread of torpedoes at a Kongo. It suprisingly worked. The Kongo was polished off with my guns after taking three torpedoes to the belt. Next up, Wyoming. I got close by dodging and weaving into 4 km distance and fired the spread. It worked again and I was able to get the kill and not be blown out of the water. Then, a tricky Kaiser entered the equation as I pulled the same island stunt as I did with the Kongo, just barely avoiding sending a spread directly into the island. I got three kills and a nice amount of XP after the match was over.

TL;DR I made a gunbote into a torpedobote, got extremely lucky, and had bunches of fun.

Warning! Do not try this at home in your own Kirov. Unless you get lucky or are a torpedobote master, you WILL be blown out of the water as soon as a battleship sneezes in your general direction. Such is life in the Kirov. :fish_boom:

(No screenies as the battle was a while ago, just getting around to writing about it now.)

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