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Free XP instead of doubloons

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More of a WG question but with 6.15 I noticed you can use free XP for the Nelson.  Obviously, the main goal is to save up the massive 750k for the Missouri or her replacement but why can't more premiums be available via free XP or doubloons?  Some people, including myself, spend a decent amount of money for the premium time monthly, along with doubloons, flags, and camo.  For others less fortunate, free XP offers an opportunity to obtain a premium ship. 

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I believe the Missouri, Nelson and the Musashi prove the point that there will be more ships available for purchase through free experience. The caveat is that they will only be available in limited numbers and for a limited time. As for giving players the option of buying all existing premiums for free experience, I'm not sure if I would support or condemn such a move. The purpose of having the ships cost doubloons is to put a natural limit to their availability within the game so you don't see a match flooded with eight Atlantas for example. Another reason would be so that WG can obviously turn a profit which pays the wages of a small army and allows for further development of this and other titles. They could make their money through free experience conversion, but that just adds a middle man since you have to buy doubloons anyways. Free experience requirements would also have to be incredibly high to maintain that natural check on numbers, so in the end might not be worth it anyways. 

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