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War Gaming Fudging the rules for Clan Battles

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Just a thought on my part about this issue, War Gaming supporting ( Cheating or Fudging ). There were a lot of tier 10 Clans moving Players around during clan battles, we all agree on that because we saw it and there were even charts showing that. Weather that constitutes Cheating or not I don't know, just made the rest of us rental players and some with tier 10 ships feel like the battles were rigged.

We lost 4 players during clan battles that were tier 10 players only, we felt the dismay of them leaving also, not winning battles but we went on and played everyday, to say we were stupid for doing so, we don't think so but a few of the teams we were up against that had no rentals, they us feel like crap the whole battle with the insults and bantering. To say that is the way this Arcade Game is suppose to run and monitored by the Devs or Admin's or Moderators I don't know.

But to have a fun and fair clan battle where players that are in rentals and have never played a tier 10 battles against regular tier 10 players is unjust and should not have happened at all, this past clan battle was a learning experience for us as a clan, we play at tier 7-8-9 and a few with tier 10, if this is the way WG is going to kick the can down the road to the next season, we will not participate and have another 6 clans with us on the matter, yeah we are at the bottom of the standings but we played together and won together and died together as a clan, we didn't transfer players or hired guns in to help us out, and will not do that if that happens next season.

I heard a lot of chatter in this forum and all kinds of battle chats, general discord chat's and different threads about players that were transferring all over the place during clan battle's weather they had sub clans or sister clans or just a friendly clan that had tier 10 players they could move around. Weather this is true I am not the one to judge, WG is, and if they can't see that this happened during the season I feel sorry for them or they are hiding something, that is for a power higher than me a Clan Leader to make the call on.

Please all the Developers, Moderators, Admins, Producers set this straight for the rest of us in this game.


Sere_Pj Commander ( SMI-1) Sea Mongerz Inc.


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well it wasn't against the rules, so I don't see why not

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*Slides on in*

Here we go with another Lock about the same topic. 

Reasons have been stated before.
*Slides on out* 

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