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Bots in ranked? I don't think so!

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Made it up past rank 12... only 47 more battle then i loose to rank 1.. no helping it.

On the other hand I've been in 4 battles today where someone was complaining/ranting that other players were bots.

I find it difficult to believe that any player would even consider running a bot in high rank play.  (maybe in a couple weeks when the average skill level at lower ranks is less)   How ever I have seen some bone heading playing.. and even managed it myself... (shameful moment)    

Come on fellow players.. if you loose a battle in ranked it's because the other team played better, shot straighter, moved on the objectives sooner,  held said objectives, and didn't avoid the fight but went all in and battled.  Not because someone on the same team as you was "A Bot".

Only 7 ships per side so players that play too defensively or indecisively can and do cost their team victory. With so few ships per team it's difficult to come back from a point deficit.    No time for indecision, and no time to waste.   Very few of the fights I've been in went past 15 min, and most were decided before the 10 min mark.  

It gets tiring hearing  players do the blame game.   You win as a team and you loose AS A TEAM.  just like in any field sport you choose to name.

So don't make excuses, just hit the next battle button and move on .  Maybe you'll get a good team, maybe you'll get a bad team.  Maybe you'll hit rank 12 and luck will smile on you and 47 battles later your rank one, or maybe it won't.  You don't know whats going to happen ahead of time.  None of us do.  But I do know that if you want to make rank one your going to have to win more battles then you loose.. Just count stars and that's how many more you need to win over losses.  Even for the very best of players it's a grind.   

The excuse makers bother me because they are more often then not the ones that give up the soonest.  Get over it. there is no best ship, or best commander skills, or best build.  There is only YOU.  What you do, or do not is what makes the difference.  


My best battle today was my first where I had the wrong ship selected. OOPS! No gong back!

Sun Tsu Three FIGHT!

   Made nuff XP in the very very first battle of the day to get my first and second containers.  Top of the board, and I wasn't even close to being the top damage dealer and sunk no ships.  But I was where I needed to be to take caps and defend caps, and dish out a single torpedo hit, and about 30k of gunfire damage

... in a Kagero... a no smoke Kagero.  Very disappointing!.. My goal was to do the entire season in the HSF Harekaze...*mutters bad words*

May your "failures" be as spectacular!  See you in match!

TL_Warlord_Roff sends




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12 minutes ago, TL_Warlord_Roff said:

I find it difficult to believe that any player would even consider running a bot in high rank play. 

Warlord_Roff, I ghostdog am I robot. I didn't throw that game though. My ship, well I couldn't sync in correctly. The developers are on to me. Feel account bleeding dry.


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Actually, you win or LOSE, not win or loose.  I mean, really, are wins tight and losses loose? :Smile-_tongue:

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Can't say I've seen any bots or anyone complainting of bots.  Bots would actually do something.  Sometimes the players I see in game scatter and hide as soon as the first shots go wizzing by.  That's not bot play at all.  Have seen lots of yoloing into a cap that is guarded by 5 or more enemy ships.  That never goes well.  I guess it could be misdiagnosed as bot play.  The other option high on the list of things to do is to sneak up on the enemy from around the back of the largest island on the map and be gone for most of the game.

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