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Wednesday playing like Monday YACK

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You know you're gonna lose at ten seconds into the match when half the BBs on your team follow you in your Minotaur. Why? As soon as you smoke they arrive, park in the smoke and watch. Just watch. They don't fire, don't do anything. What's wrong with that you say? Think about it.  

I had just set my first smoke - ten seconds later I'm leaving it because at least two BB and a cruiser are parking inside of it. The team mates (cough) were so close to me I could barely get out of my own smoke. But I manage. As I'm leaving it I'm detected by unseen enemy forces. Unseen because the team mates are inside my smoke. Couple seconds later here come the torpedoes. I then am engaging at least two red BB and a DD. I manage 50K or so before getting nuked by crossfire.

So please remember boys and girls - a Minotaur's smoke is not for you - it's for the Minotaur. Don't pull into his smoke. You draw fire. You draw torpedoes. And. You. Are. Doing. Nothing. Nothing at all but being a magnet for every projectile in the game. Oh - and you're taking yourselves out of the match. No spotting. No return fire. You are doing - ready? Nothing. 

If the Minotaur wants to give you their smoke, they'll drop it for you to use and keep moving. Otherwise, please find somewhere else to camp. 


With how smoke works these days, its pretty much useless for a BB to pull into unless their whole point and purpose is to HIDE, to not engage the reds. True of most cruisers too. Please don't steal other's smoke. Especially Minotaur smoke. Thanks. 

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