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How does one edit the fxo files that make normal ships glow like ARP ones?

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So, for a while I've been wondering, how do people modify the files in the folder called "shaders". it's the folder that contains the files that allow the normal ships to glow like the ARP ones when given custom skins.

the reason I want to know how to modify this is that I love having my ARP Midway, but there isn't a skin for Belfast and she's left being a glowing "ghost" ship or using a dull gray hull. I don't want that,  what I'd like to have is Midway with her ARP skin and Belfast in her camo, along with all the other ships that do not have skins of their own.

the last version of the game (6.14), I discovered which 10 files control the camos and using the camouflage file, I was able to enable the ones I wanted and disable the camos for the ARP ships. the file names look something like this.


so yeah, what program do I need to be able to edit those fxo files?

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I hate to necro and old thread but at the same time...there's only three pages in this forum. Has anyone made any progress on the subject above? I found old mods and threads on making ship lights glow, etc but because they're old and the way the game seems to handles things have changed, those mods don't work anymore.

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