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When an island hugs YOU

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Just got out of a Co-Op match where my Missouri got COMPLETELY stuck.  Absolutely nothing I did (short of someone ramming me, which may have worked) could get me free of the island.  I had to choose between hitting the island or eating a bunch of "friendly" torpedoes.  Maybe I should've ate the torps, because I was stuck there for a good portion of the match until it's end.  :Smile_hiding:




I had been trying to break free for the past couple of minutes before I took the screenshot.  I'm just glad Mistress RNG took pity on me, because Bot Mo started going after me right after this shot.  Nice n broadside to a T9 Bot BB...:cap_fainting:


EDIT: Helps if I included map name:  Haven

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The only reason I have not turned off the  Collision Avoidance System is because I seem to "bounce" off of islands instead of getting stuck as in this example.  

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