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Way to delay premium day?

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It's very nice of course to have all the cool free stuff we get from you over the holidays; today i'm stuck in a bit of a bind though:

I don't have a lot of time today, and want to complete the daily aftvent mission; but if I do so, there's a good chance I win a game, and activate that single day of premium time we get from the Happy New Year mission on a day when I don't have the time to make much use of it.

I can't find any way to disable the new year mission from giving out its bonus, nor a way to delay that day of premium time until I can make use of it.

at other times I'd simply wait to play until a day I can spare the time; but the nature of hte aftvent missions means I need to play a little bit each day (which I have just enough time to for a couple games)

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This is something many of us would like. 

If you work you can loose whole days you have earned or paid for and there is nothing you can do about it.

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