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new russian DD Enormostronk

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th.jpg.3b0fff5a28cbf4a1771267720eb0347b.jpgsimilar to fargo, which was based on true events, I discovered this article this morning, which will have far reaching implications in the game:

the world's biggest ship ever, is actually based off designs discovered in a vault, which was sealed in Russia in early 1945. it was so top secret, that even though there were three of them built, they were never photographed! the photographs that were never taken were so top secret, they were hidden deep in the vault, and nobody was ever allowed to see them. some of the documents in the vault included testimonial from people that saw the photos, worked in the shipyards that built the behemoths, and actually sailed on them during both world war 1 and world war 2.

the photo above is one of the actual black and white photos that was never taken, of one of the ships that were never built, and never sailed, fought, or photographed in WW1 or WW2. despite all this, their combat record is above stellar, with over 9000 enemy ships sunk !! all this without a single combat casualty, much less ever losing a crew member, or even the ship's cats!

the staggering size of the destroyers made superb armor and armaments possible. with over 14 ft of heat treated forged armor plate, there was no need for turtleback armor schemes. it was reported in the battle of the gulf of Mongolia, that entire battleships were bouncing of the hull and decks, without even scratching the paint. while this is undocumented, many eyewitnesses have never stepped forward.

as astonishing as the armor, possibly even more so, was the armaments. with 13 turrets holding 3 each 18 inch guns, 44 turrets of 16 in guns, and a complement of over 1000 8 in guns as the secondaries, all were auto-loading at a ridiculous 3.7 sec reload rate. given the ginormous proportions of the hull, each turret had it's own magazine, stocking enuff shells to feed that turret for no less than 33 years. it was rumored that the copper from the countless AA guns (over 2.6 million) was so vast that it stocked the entire copper industry in the ural mountains sea, before that was drained to cool the engines.

in addition to all these conventional naval rifles, the Enormostronk is also equipped with YUGETURRET, which fires three yamato sized shells every 33 seconds. muzzle velocity is under 660 ft/seconds, it is anticipated these shells will not be popular as most every ship in the game can dodge them, and there will be no issue spotting them. the max dispersion of these shells is slightly over 3km at 47km, which means if they tumble (rifling wears out every 6 shells), they will hit everything in one entire square, with a 200 % chance of detonation.

speaking of which, despite the gargantuan size, the engines, all 248 of them, oil fired turbines of 3,400,016 lbs thrust apiece, could drive the hull, which was purportedly over 3600 ft, at well over 73 kts. this was complemented by 157 rudders, the smallest of which was larger than a football field, in order to keep the turn rate well under the ships total length, a turn rate of only 17 feet!! amazingly, Russian engineers found a way to shift all those rudders from max lock to max lock in UNDER 2 SECONDS. the fuel tanks doubled as the torpedo bulges, as the ship used over 2.3 million gallons of oil/hour, they were empty long before the ship entered a combat zone. this ship is capable of outrunning the fastest torps in the game, and out turning a wall of skill from a shima BEFORE the torps clear the torp tubes in the shima !!

speaking of torps, the DD Enormostronk is equipped with 16 octo-tubes, with a 13 sec reload rate. the specs on the torps have yet to be released, but Natasha said they were auto targeting self seeking, with dirty nuke heads.

this was the first Russian destroyer equipped with treads, as she was intended for combat in alpine seas, thick with islands and avalanche conditions. also equipped with multiple radar, sonar and brail equipment.


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No no.  It only looks like commercial vessel.  Is actually heavily armored.


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