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My first thousand battles in the Izyaslav

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Last night I went ahead and finished the 12 battles I needed to get to a grand in the Izy. Went 11-1 with the final battle being the only loss :(. Checked WT I'm the 5th rated on the server in her. She is my baby and I love her....But I got a Gremy in a Santa crate. So my seal clubber that clubs other seal clubbers maybe retired for awhile. 

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Please come back and post again when you have some relevant experience in this ship...  :Smile-_tongue:

Kidding aside, that's a crazy number of games and an awesome run to tally 1K!   I'm thinking about starting the Russian DD line since I got a long boat in a $3 crate last night.  I think the run and gun style might suit me since I am mainly a cruiser and BB player (and hate trying to kill Tashkents and Khabs, which remind me of Satan's cockroach in WoT - E25).

Nice work!

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It's a really fun ship. One of the few ships I routinely push purple in and I have been playing it alot recently. I think it's far better than Clemson TBH.


-Better Range, no AFT needed.


-9 torps to a side, with a 30 second reload. You reload as fast as BBs.


-5 guns with good accuracy and a flat arc


-fast, albeit long.


-Shorter reload than Clemson.


Now for the downsides.


-Those 9 torps are centerline. You can't get off a spread on each side, and they have to rotate quiet a bit. Not usually bad, but can be in a knife fight.


-Big target.


-Guns rotate rather slow. Again, not so much a knife fighter. Keep at range. Easy to hit enemy DDs even at 8-10km if they keep straight.





All together she is one of my favorite ships, along with Farragut and Nicholas. Can't wait to dive into Kiev and I am definitely playing her alot. TBH she is almost a padder. hell she is. But damn if she isn't the most fun ship in my port.


Congrats on your 1k battles, I am chasing you and hope to meet you at 1k one day! Jealous of your Gremy!

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