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Violent Saints Recruiting

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Hello Fellow Captains, here is a little introduction about me and the clan.

I debated a lot if I should've created this thread or not considering that I'm new to this game (only been playing about 7-8 months). But, one thing that has been very difficult is to have a nice win/loss playing alone. Most of the time, random battles seem like the place where everyone plays to have fun (which is good, not saying any different) and not as team which, makes winning games an uphill battle. One of my goals is to get better, but positioning and tactics goes out the window when there is no one to back you up. Been watching streamers like: Mejash, Generaldort, Senpai, Sir Venom, Femennenly (no need to watch any other carrier player lol), Hyf1re, etc to try to learn more about the game and see how they play different ships. With the above in mind, I'm guessing there should be other players like me that have a hard time playing alone and would like to play with some teammates to try to achieve some more frequent wins. Also, I would like to get enough players to participate on the next Clan Wars (Will require lots of learning and patience). Or if want to play with other members to get better to practice for ranked.


With my personal points out the window, here is an overview of things that I want to accomplish with this clan (with different groups to join):

  • PvE - Not interested in PvP but would like to find a division to go and grind ships?
  • PvP Casual - Want to get more xp, grind ships, have fun but without the  pressure of needing to win?
  • PvP Normal - Want to get better and win. Need a division for tactics.
  • PvP Competitive - Want to join a group to practice as a team and get better to participate in the next clan wars/team battles.

These are the main 4 groups I'm setting up initially. If more granular groups are needed, changes will be made.


Requirements will vary depending on the group. We have a discord server so that will help with communications required/suggested below. There will be base requirements and group requirements. These might change as needed.

  • Base Requirements - From the 7-8 months I've been playing, I've seen enough to know the type of plans I would not like in the clan. This clan is open to all types of people. With that said, the basic stuff would be:
    • No racism
    • No gender specific bashing/biased (if there is a thing here even though I haven't seen it yet which is a good thing I haven't).
    • Treat other members like you would want to be treated (in a good way that is).
    • Maturity (18+. we don't want people screaming on the mic or being annoying while trying to play).
    • English/Spanish (only languages I speak, so I wouldn't understand any others).
    • Decent at the game (knows basic mechanics and game knowledge specially in decision making to benefit the team). There are no specifics about win rate, k/d or anything like that since that is something that can change as you play with others in a division.
    • Don't be toxic. I understand frustration might happen to try to understand that every game will not be won and mistakes can happen.
    • Team members might be subject to playing multiple games with other team members to decide if they fit the clan based on the other base requirements points.
  • PvE - Base requirements.
    • Communication (at division discretion although for this, don't think is needed).
  • PvP Casual - Base requirements.
    • Communication (at division discretion since it would be helpful).
  • PvP Normal - Base requirements.
    • Communication (required for most unless agreed by division).
  • PvP Competitive - Base requirements.
    • Communication (required).
    • Practice time to come up with ideas for tactics to use in matches (Clan Wars).
    • Time (This will vary depending on each others life availability. Life comes first so any time that the member can play although some participation will be required. Just no specific days/time) The more members the better so some members can replace others when not available.

These are some basics about the clan. If interested, let me know to send discord invite on direct message/private message Like I said before, I speak English/Spanish, so I will be able to respond to both and translate for others.

Looking forward to playing with some of you.

Thank you.

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