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crh values for 203mm (8") shells

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Privateers, In AlfaTesters
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Hello all!

Short request; does anyone have information concerning the crh values of various 8" guns in use around WWII? And are the ones below correct?:

USN 8": 9crh

IJN 8": 6crh

RN: 5/10crh

RM: ???crh

MN: 7crh

KM: 10crh


I can't find the crh of Italian 8" AP (the 125.3 kg AP) listed anywhere, and the Navweaps page on calculating crh isn't helping much as it seems that I need crh to figure out crh...? The only thing I know about the drag of the Italian shell is a comment from Campbell's Naval Weapons of World War Two stating that is was better than that of the British but worse than that of the Germans.

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I’ve no idea but I would bet it has the same conventional shape of the 152mm round. These where all 20s era designs. 

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