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Nice Last Battle in Ranked

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A nice last battle in ranked in the Kidd, now I'm out at rank 15.



The rewards of going higher is not worth the frustration of playing with teams that don't/can't understand the play style of 7v7 is vastly different than 12v12. 

The sole aim at the end of the match is to have more points than the red team through a combination of capping, killing and not dying.  Seeing ships with no camouflage and DDs detonating show that a number of players do not use every advantage they can to win.

The lack of communication of no game plan called during countdown, not calling targets and radar/hydro ships not informing when they are lighting up smoke causes my doggies to give me strange looks as I yell at the clouds.

I can handle the toxic and abusive chat, as a green member glances at the minimap for the first time halfway through the match (this did not happen in the above match) gets salty at me for being "out of position" as I am spotting, setting fire to and sending metal fish to the otherwise obscured red ship they should be shooting at.   Having double their xp at the end of the match is the only icing on the cake I need.

Good luck for those that grind through ranked, I'll see the others in randoms.

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As for me I have 6 tier 8's that need XP to research tier 9 and it's a lot easier to get XP in the ranked battles when you don't see tier 9's and 10's 9 out of 10 times.

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