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It's MINE!!! Mine, mine, all mine! MUAHAHAHAHA!

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  Just blasted through the last 40k xp to finish New Orleans and get my Baltimore.   Mostly by playing it in Ranked.

Looks pretty good!  I transferred my 16 point NO captain over to Balti, and then put my 10 pt Cleveland captain on NO.  (the 10+ pointers on Igor and Pepsi ain't goin nowhere!)

  With all the upgrades purchased, and this captain, it now has a 98 AA rating- on the A hull, lol!  

Seems legit.

Also the 10 km detection distance will be helpful, too.   Cptn is AA/guns/survivability build; with AFT/BFT;  Expert Marksman/Adrenaline Rush;  and concealment Expert/ Priority target.  Last 3 points will likely go in Survivability Expert.   I also took AA II; and III upgrades; Rudder 2;  Auxiliary 1; Concealment 1; and Damage control 1.


Module upgrades will have to wait a bit, while I furiously grind more free xp.  (not to mention credits- MAN that took a huge chunk out of my hoard... lol )


  One down, two/three to go.  Next up is Farragut and Algerie.   Hipper will be my Ranked cruiser of choice until it gets ground up.

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Baltimore got tons of buffs. It was easier for me to get from the Baltimore to the DM then the grind from the NO. Keep them all. WG said you get some bonus when the split comes 



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You do know that Cleveland is moving to tier 8 in the up conning split? Right.

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