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USN CV poll

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Now that I actually have some time to run an in-depth poll, I'll be doing a USN CV poll to see community reception of the changes.  

Link here: https://goo.gl/forms/Nop5VvkwGaPzINW52


Side note: I will be running a Saipan poll later, don't worry about premium CVs.  I will also not be comparing USN CVs to other same tiered CVs because it would take a very long time.  A general question of power level should suffice.

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Made my inputs.


Statistically for the server, Bogue and Midway at Tier V & X respectively, greatly improved.  Bogue is now on par with Zuiho, which for anyone that's played CVs long enough knows, is a YUUGE turnaround compared to before.  Midway actually surpassed Hakuryu.


VII Ranger, VIII Lexington, and IX Essex actually got worse, which is an amazing feat to behold.  Ranger and Lexington were absolutely abysmal before the USN CV Revamp.  How could they get worse despite "buffs" just blows the mind.


Has there been any other ships than these 3 specific USN CVs that received intended buffs but got worse?

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