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North Cape Feedback - huh

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I find it strange you bypassed Saturday completely in the campaign. It is arguably one of the busiest game days. Yesterday the game was informing Mission 2 of the campaign would be available in one day. Today it is telling me "21 hours". More than two days ago it was telling me "two days". 

Why skip Saturday? Not like there's too much going on. 

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I have some completely different feedback on the north cape mission:

one of the quests is badly designed - first spotting a german bb in a british cruiser.

to get first spot in a cruiser (rather than one of the allied dds getting it) you have to rush out ahead of your team, probably to your death. 

if you don' tdo that it's bound to happen eventually, but is far less likely to.

this means the mission encourages bad gameplay in order to accomplish it.

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