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My Christmas miracle game came a bit early

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Very nice game mate, very nice.  Kag is one of my favorite DDs... great fun being sneaky with that low detection :Smile_medal:


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I had that game today in a Harekaze. First Blood, Kraken, and High Caliber. For the record, I'm still technically new to DD play, but was aiming for the 6-torp hit w/ a DD and win + CXP Campaign mission (part of the Gaede snow camo chain). Everything just fell into place; two potato BBs straight-up sailing into the torpedoes despite the torps likely having been lit by their planes, a 3rd BB turning broadside into a surprise torpedo swarm, a Sims that thought to challenge AP 10cm guns, and a cruiser that was caught between a rock (island) and a hard place (tried to evade a BB salvo, just to eat the torps).

Then the game promptly chose to give me campy teams for the rest of the night; including one match so hilariously lopsided we lost all but 2 of our ships while the enemy only lost 1. So now I'm calling it quits tonight.

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3 hours ago, guns_at_last_light said:

Sometimes you get lucky and everything you aim at dies. 

Believe it or not but that ship excels even better in the higher tiers because it's got better detection than all the higher tier DDs...Yugumo is the only 1 that even comes close.

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