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I know, I know...

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There are probably threads and such dedicated to this sort of thing, but I used the search function and couldnt find anything.

For those wondering about the santa crates, here is what I got out of 40 red's ($3 ones) and 5 blues ($5 ones)

Wyvern flags - 175

Dragon flags - 45

Red Dragon - 45

Ouroboros - 45 (Love these ones!)

Hydra flags - 30

Fir camo - 225

Type 59 Camo - 15

Doubloons - 7000

4 ships, each with 10 point commanders - Warspite, Mutsu, Degrasse, Okhotnik


Overall, happy with what I got, but would have liked to get a Nikolai (Who wouldnt!)


Yes, I spent too much money, yes I regret it, sort of, but im still happy with what I got.

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Trying to figure out how to send gifts to a GROUP of people, without generating 30 sales.

Can't we elect to, say, send a dollar gift to each member of our clan -- without typing out all the names and such?

If need be, if I don't find it in the myriad of sales pages, guess it will be the hard way.

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