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just another post about broken strafing

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So I am really tired of sending in my bombers and covering them with fighters trying to block or delay hostile fighter from getting to my planes only to lose most or all my bombers when his fighter get a rush os magic to the ars and strafe out. In itself this is [edited] and needs to be fixed and I have never once seen them lose planes strafing out if I can't even defend my own planes then what's the point of the dogfight mechanic you get into one he strafes out and while your fighters are stuck and can not do anything you get strafed and lose all your planes because if you don't strafe you planes have to reform up before leaving but strafe planes don't, and even if it did work 1 plane loss for strafing out, yea IJN nerf right there, that won't hurt 6 top 7 plane squadrons that US CVs have!

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Don't put your strike planes near locked fighters then.

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First erro: cover the bombers with fighters

Keep all your planes in a "big group" is just an easy targer for enemy strafe, try keep they distant, in small groups is a good start ("torpedo" group, "bomber" group, fighters in front keep the scout/defense/bait)

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Strafing can be super frustrating to deal with. As a Japanese carrier, never try to force 1-on-1 fighter squadron duels with an American carrier. Remember that if your fighters are defending over team-mates, the enemy CV can't effectively attack with bombers unless they send their own fighters in. If that happens, your fighters will have AA support from friendly ships. And you can strafe out at any bombers targeting the team-mate you're flying over. Once the enemy CV's fighters are occupied, you'll be able to plot a safe route for your bombers.

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On 12/20/2017 at 5:38 PM, 3k31001 said:

yea IJN nerf right there

You have to understand that you will always lose to a same-tier USN fighter squad in an IJN carrier.

The issue that we are having is nobody want to accept that fact that USN fighters are superior. Even by a little at some tiers.

But, as an IJN CV you have such destructive firepower that post US CV revamp, no other CV could compete with without losing all its fighter power.


Wargaming isn't going to spoon feed CV players like they do other classes. 

Work smarter not harder. 

Same goes for fighter gameplay, use ally AA and bait the CV into challenging you and click him. :etc_red_button:

The AA will work along with your fighters and you will have the upper hand.


if your going to remember anything from this post, remember this:

A Destroyer is not match for a Battleship in a gunfight. That's why torpedoes exist.

Use your strengths to your advantage. Bait fighter to one side and strike another side of the may.

CV play is all about mind games and outplaying the enemy CV.


Hope this helps



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