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3 second screen freezes / lag & fps optimizations

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I recently built a new PC as my i5 was feeling its age. I've been playing this game for years and never have gotten anything like this in my time on my old one or in the very beginning of using the new one.

with the last 2 patches, i've been getting about 3 second freezes while playing. everything stops then the ship will just then move to where it it supposed to be. 

I've never seen this before in game so I'm thinking it has to do more with patches as it's only started recently. 


Regarding the FPS optimizations, don't get me wrong. 1080 this game runs great. but at higher resolutions like 3440 x 1440 (native) things drop considerably. My card isn't top of the line, it's an MSI Golden Edition 980Ti, but is still more than capable. I do completely expect a drop in fps at those resolutions and highest settings compared to 1080, but the drop leads me to think there could be some more optimizations possibly done. I particularly see very bad FPS when there are CV's in games. 

New PC specs


CPU: I7-8700k - not overclocked

Motherboard: MSI Godlike - A00 bios (i plan to update when they have a performance release if one) 

GPU - MSI Golden 980Ti - newest drivers

Ram - 32G

windows 10 64 - drivers up to date.



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Have you tried this? I do this after every patch, since Wargaming seems to reset the changes every patch. 


What I'd changed was:

<cacheEffects>false</cacheEffects> to <cacheEffects>true</cacheEffects>

<streamCacheSizeKB>2048</streamCacheSizeKB> to <streamCacheSizeKB>8192</streamCacheSizeKB>

Change <maxFrameRate></maxFrameRate> from 75 to 120


The engine_config.xml file resides in the 'res' folder.

If you are going to change these settings, exit the game first if it's already running, back up your original file, make the changes, and give it a try.



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I've always made those changes to the engine_config file yet I've been getting those same annoying pauses over the past few updates.  Some of these pauses last for several seconds.  The game just stops, and stays stopped, for what feels like an eternity, and this happens several times in a single match.

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I get the pauses, and sometimes things recover, but more often than not, I get dropped.  Happened somewhere in the last few updates.  No change to my internet, machine, etc.


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