Translated from the RU server:  $1 Crate possibles 30 days premium 10,000 Free XP 300 Doubloons De Grasse Mutsu 5x Frosty Spruce Camo 50x Equal Speed Charlie London  30x Zulu 50x Zulu Hotel 50x Papa $3 Crate  90 days premium 1,000 doubloons Ohotnik Leningrad Scharnhorst 15x Frosty Spruce Camo 15x Wyvern 15x Dragon 15x Red Dragon 15x Uroboros 15x Hydra $5 Crate 180 Days Premium 2,000 Doubloons Gallant Lo Yang Alabama 15x Type 59 Camo 30x Frosty Spruce Camo 30x Wyvern 30x Dragon 30x Red Dragon 30x Uroboros 30x Hydra Additional Possible Ships + port slot + 10 point commander "Thundering" DD Kamikaze Tirpitz Kutuzov Atago Belfast Lo Yang Prinz Eugen Alabama Leningrad Duca d'Aosta Kii Hood Mutsu Kidd Warspite Gallant Atlanta Anshan Admiral Graf Spee Blyskawica Molotov Huanghe Indianapolis Arizona Giulio Cesare Sims Dunkerque Octobver Revolution Scharnhorst  Perth Ohotnik De Grasse If a ship drops that you already have, you get another one from the list  If you have all the ships and you drop a ship AND you already have all the ships possible, you will get the doubloon value, port slot and a 10 point commander.  WG, in theory has fixed the drop mechanic that gave multiples of the same ship in the same purchase. This likely means that the doubloon value ships are going to be the original "Brotherhood of Santa Claus" ships that are mentioned not the ones that are possible. So selling you the highest value ship and then buying more boxes likely isn't going to get you as many doubloons as last year. Also unlike last year where you could specify the number of crates you wanted to buy, this year they're available in 1x 5x and 20x bundles only. The 5x and 20x bundles are discounted between 11% and 25% depending on the Captain/Commodore/Admiral boxes.