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Really tired of players who use cheating softwares!

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4 minutes ago, OgreMkV said:

That's your best comeback?

Here's another one for you then... 


Now, whether you choose to accept it or not. NOTHING has changed in the timeline you described. 

There are no cheats that predict the future. 

If you WASD, then you are doing it so predictably that it's easy to resolve. Here's a hint, I always shoot torps volleys in pairs. One at where you're going and one at where you'll be going if you see my first set and turn. 

I learned, via lots of practice, to hit ships firing from smoke. I've killed two minotaurs in the last three days who were stationary in smoke. Not with torps, but with direct fire. It's awesome to get citadels on cruisers who think that they are invisible in smoke. It's not a hack. It's training. 

You've had a rough run. But until you acknowledge that people are good players and that you have a lot to learn, you will never / can never get better.  

Exactly. Best for you. Because you keep missing the point. Go to learn more about reading, son, or you'll never stop failing in getting the point.

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If you believe you are observing behavior that violates our Terms of Service, please use the report function.  The folks who monitor and tackle cheating are not going to see it on the forums.  Thanks!

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