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When it's Warships Time (a WOWS Parody)

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When it's Warships Time
A WOWS Parody of "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry



Chi chi uh uh... 

In the wintertime, when the weather is cold
When the work is done, when watching TV gets old
When the weather's cold
You got Warships, you Warships, on your mind
Grab a ship, have a drive
Go out and see what you can find

If you get real good, like a hero you'll feel
But though you're better than most, don't you act like a heel
Just enjoy the game
And teach the newer players what they need to do in order to survive
Think of the fun they'll have when
They've got Warships, they've got Warships, on their minds

Now good players don't get mad
Don't be dirty or mean
You were a new player once, just remember that scene
Most matches are fine
So don't go whishin' for a better team to see
Just be happy
Life's for livin' should be your philosophy

Di di da da...

When the winter's here, yeah it's gaming time
Don your captain's hat and have yourself a party time
Soon you'll be at work again
Be a drivin' trucks or doin' office work in town
If you were rich it would be nice
But you ain't so get to work and don't you frown
Vrrom vroom chi chi...

In the summertime, when the weather's hot
When you're tired from work and a-resting on the cot
When the weather's hot but
You got Warships, you got Warships on your mind
Have a think, have a thought and
Ask yourself if you have got the time

If the answer's yes, then go play yourself a game
If the answer's no, well then that is just a shame
Get yourself to bed
The alarm clock's gonna ring at six-o-five
Yeah, when the sun goes down
You got Warships, you got Warships on your mind

You ain't a bad bloke 
You're not dirty, you're not mean
You like everybody but in the game you make 'em scream
When it's gaming time
You go a squishin all the nooblets you can find
It makes you happy
It's only in the game so don't you pay it any mind

Dee-dee dah dah...

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13,673 posts
31 minutes ago, SuperNikoPower said:

Ok, I do have to say, this is pretty amazing. 

Thank you very much!

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3 minutes ago, iDuckman said:

Oh great.  Now I've got an ear worm.


Mungo Jerry will do that to you everytime.

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