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Firing Torps

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I didnt have a huge problem when i 1st started this game with torps and i am not saying i was any good at it though but the last few weeks i have been having huge problems firing and aiming torps. But the time i fiddle around trying to fire the torps i am getting me head handed to me while i am trying to get things together. First off.....How does one require a target and once that is set i guess you hit the X key to bring up that graphic that will show you how much lead you need. Once i get both of those graphics on the screen i am having a hell of a time bring them together. I have looked for vids on torps but they really dont spend much time at all when it comes to setting up the shots.


Really sorry for suck a dumb question.....But i seem to have required a mental block on this one  ;)

Thank You


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Targeting - To acquire a target lock -  There is a small dot in the center of your screen, place that nearest to the ship you want to target and hit X.  You ill get a lock on the target and if in torp mode the aiming indicator. To change targets move the dot to another ship and hit x again. The target lock will change to the new ship.  I have bound that function to a mouse button and find it much easier and more intuitive than using a keyboard key.

Slow aiming - Pre aim your torps, Learn to anticipate what side of your ship you will fire from and have your weapons already set up to fire in that direction. This will take a lot of time off waiting on slow turrets/torps. If you are looking around do it in free view (RMB) and it wont affect your guns/torp aim

Aiming - With torp salvos I have found this basic tactic to work well particularly in lower tiers.  Assuming you have two sets of torps send the first set behind the target with a 40-50% overlap of the grey indicator. Send the second set send ahead of the target with a 50-60% overlap of the indicator. 



The idea here is that you are trying to corral them into your second set of torps. Typical reaction when seeing torps is to judge where they are heading and to turn &/or alter speed to avoid them.

You want them to react to the first set by increasing speed and not turning as they will believe they can outrun them. If they do you will have a fair chance that they will run into the full spread of your second set. If they slow down or turn your first set has a better chance of hitting.   It’s all about learning to judge how your target will react and adapting accordingly. For instance if they slammed on the brakes and turned in when you sent the first salvos on the next attack you would send the first set as before but send the second set well behind the first. If they try the same tactic they eat the second set.

As you play more you will get better at predicting how switched on they are. At high tiers it gets very hard to hit a good player!


As for Vids

Ichasegaming has some good advice in his "Captains Academy series"


Hope this helps

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