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I've been gaming online for a couple of decades plus, and am looking for a clan. I'm nub to WOWs, but am impressed with the balance of this game. Most of my experience is in flight sims and a couple mmos, but have always been drawn towards capital ship to ship combat although most of my experience is 3d not 2d movement.

I'm definitely in need of advice, but more importantly the team aspect of the game. I have always been a natural trainer and leader, but only when I have a clue, which I do not on WOWs.

52yo EST USA and play mostly during the afternoons. Prefer a mature group since I curse like a sailor. TS or some kind of comms is important, I am not a fast typur :-) 

I thrive best in a group with at least several active players in my playtime and a solid Chain of Command.


Sincerest Regards,


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Welcome to the game!  

If you have any questions, by all means let us know!

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Greetings Maddog, 


Might I introduce you to Black Widow Company. We are an established gaming community founded by veterans and driven by its core values, however we are open to everyone. You can find out a lot about us by visiting our recruitment thread (posted in my sig). 

We strongly believe in One Team, One fight, as such we always group up and help each other attain our goal, excellence in gaming. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to pm me or add me ingame.






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If you are looking to "step away" from the monotony of Solo Play and start winning battles as part of a cohesive group of friends.... consider giving [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4 some consideration! We are a very active and friendly clan that has gained many new members and made MANY new friends by helping players escape the on-going drone of fighting battles all alone without the support and camaraderie of clan friends! You are graciously invited to give consideration to [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4, and see our plans, strategies, friendships and organizational structure for yourself! Our membership contains a very high percentage of military veterans... and even some who are still Active Duty Military personnel! Requirements (and application) to become a member: https://tsg4.enjin.com/requirements
We maintain our own Discord server. Our Discord server address is: https://discord.gg/sTck9hr
We maintain our own Website at: tsg4.enjin.com
Our Facebook page can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1595220933839955/  Thank You Priceg TSG4

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