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The Heroes on High (a WOWS Parody)

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The Heroes on High

(With my sincere apologies to Don Mclean and his American Pie)

A relatively short time ago
I can still remember how
I sailed out there across an ocean blue
And I thought if I had a chance
That I could make those DDs dance
But it turned out that I didn't have a clue

Because the up-tier made me shiver
For the enemy CV had my number
Three squadrons kept me spotted
As if they were besotted

And I still remember how I cried
When the DB's bomb did pierce my hide
Then an air-dropped torp it touched my side
And thus my Vampire died

"Say bye, bye” said the planes in the sky
"You were never all that clever and we spotted you nigh
Just you go on home, drink your whiskey and cry
And drink a toast to all of us who do fly
Cause we knew it was today you would die

Did you think your skills all that cool?
'Cause today you looked so much more like a fool
Didn't anybody ever tell you so?
Do you believe you'll get much better?
Cause we could explain it all in a letter
But would you even listen? Please answer, "yes" or "no"

Well, we know that you were in love with your ship
'Cause we saw you prancin' and acting so hip
You thought you were hot news
But now you're a singing the blues

And it didn't even take us all that much luck
To spot you as if you were an incompetent schmuck
When you saw us 'tween your legs your tail you did tuck
And thus we your Vampire fried

So say “bye, bye” to us heroes of high
Just admit that we were better and we'll then tell you why
Cause we're good ole boys who'll teach you how be spry
And if you then our wisdom deign to apply, maybe next time out you won't die"

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