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Snargfargle's Hot Pink Camo (a WOWS Parody)

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Snargfargle's Hot Pink Camo

(A parody of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, with my apologies to Marks and May)

You know Standard and Permanent and Promotional and Premium
Types three and five and none and six even

But do you recall
The most famous camo of all?

Snargfargle's ship, the Fiji, was brighter than a big red rose,
And all of the other warships snickered, saying that pink camo blows.
Ah, but you should have heard them, giggle, laugh and call him names.
They said if not for matchmakers he would never join their games.

But then a foggy smoke screen fell, leaving DDs free to dare.
"Fiji with your hydro there, won't you ping and clear the air?"
Then how the warships loved him as he sank the DDs one, two, three.
Snargfargle's hot pink Fiji, went down in Warships(tm) history!

Where had he found that camo, though now to his team it seemed quite fine?
Was it a mixed up work order or something else along that line?
"None of your musings came that close," the mighty Snarg was heard to say.
"I won my hot pink camouflage in a contest held last Valentine's day!"

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"Oh no.  Yet Another Rudolph Parody (YARP)."


But this one is very clever.  <green arrow>

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