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glade to see them paying their respects, lot of kids these days are very disrespectful....:Smile_amazed:



LoL at first glance I thought the captain's name was "Iam Groot"!:Smile_teethhappy:

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Well the Duke of York is now an option in game, so thought this would be the best place to mention her. I'm in a place where I have a Warspite and didn't want to waste time grinding towards the QE just to get a KGV(which I've heard is great BTW, really the only British ship I really desired) so I just bought Duke of York for 45 dollars which was like 2/3's off. She is a super fun ship and in my first game with her I rammed into another Duke and got like 30 hits! 

I'm honestly surprised WG decided to go the Duke of York route rather than Prince of Wales. I know Duke of York fighting Scharnhorst is going to a really thrilling battle to recreate but I always thought Prince of Wales was more likely to get in the game because of it's fight with the Bismarck. 

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quick question OP

Why is this title 'King George V sister's ships', when the post is really about Honoring Force Z?


While HMS Prince of Wales was a KGV-class BB, HMS Repulse was a Renown-class Battlecruiser.

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