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Amagi, KII how they play

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I just came out of a tier 8 match in my Amagi. 5 kills, dreadnaught and 91k damage...

How did I do it?

Supported a flank and when focused I disengaged to heal up.

Angles and she bounces shells like no other. 

Using spotter aircraft to hit ships beyond the 19km range.

Amagi is a good ship for early sniping and when it calls for it, she can brawl with her great armor.


Now for the KII.

She doesn't have the turtleback of the Amagi.

So you stay 14 to 19 km out support a flank and snipe. With her great accuracy, she can punish hard.

Her torpedoes are for last ditch defense. If focused on, kite away at an angle and use her 3 rear turrets.


Both if these ships are early snipers and late game devastating strike monsters. Stay alive and they will give you great games.

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