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Signature formatting not working

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Honestly, I don't know if this was an issue before now, but the forums just updated and I tried to update my signature. Prior to this, all I had done was change text colors, but as nations proliferate in WoWS, there are only so many good colors to use  to differentiate different nations of ships for the classic Ego Signature(especially not being able to use red text even in a signature - and yes, I did have a Mod ask me to change red text to maroon one time) and only having 5 text lines available means you can't just start new lines. So, I decided to update my Ego Sig with my currently owned ships and decided to differentiate nations I would combine changes of text and background color. I've seen other people do this but never done it myself until now. This is how I entered everything into the text editor.


See how I've used different colors on a white background for some nations like USN, but for others I used different color text and backgrounds (like for Germany I used black and gold - inspired by the flag of the BRD). The text colors all display properly, but the backgrounds only display as white. So the German section becomes gold text on white, the Soviet and French parts becomes black text on white, and the British and Japanese parts become white text on white... so it ends up looking like this.



That isn't quite what I was going for... I'm not sure if this is a new occurrence or not. If anyone knows a trick to make the background colors actually stick, let me know. Otherwise, if this is a legitimate bug/issue with a very small section of the text editor, I guess someone might look into that at some point. It's not a big deal, but it is cool to actually be able to make text and backgrounds come out in the colors that they are assigned as in the editor.

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