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Jean Bart - Où es-tu?

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Essentially an up-scaled French Dunkerque-class battleship: very much looking forward to seeing the Jean Bart. Quadruple turrets have to be modeled as two separate damage areas; i.e. one side can be knocked out while the other remains operational.








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The Jean Bart is a Richelieu class BB, and I've seen Richelieu's in battle a couple of times in the hands of supertesters.

As for modelling the quad turrets as a pair of double turrets effectively existing side by side, we didn't see them doing for the Dunkerque, so I'm doubting that we'll see it for the Richelieu.  I'm suspecting that this is probably due to a limitation in the game engine.

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Given how the one operational turret on Jean Bart was jammed in place by a hit from Massachusetts and how Dunkerque suffered a loss of power that put her turrets in manual, or a grazing hit that wiped out half of one turret but rendered it hors de combat for all intents, I'd disagree with that.

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