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Can players not handle constructive criticism in game play?

Can you handle constructive non vulgar criticism?  

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  1. 1. Can you handle non vulgar Constructive Criticism over Salty players?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe? I dunno depends on what is said.

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  I don't know how well this is going to end.  Seeing the threads with Cyber Bullying and Cyber Bullying a Different take get locked up tight.  But this is what I have to say and no it is not trying to degrade players in any way shape form or fashion.   Now here is something all of you should actually try instead of being SALTY.  Constructive Criticism.  I've said things in game chat like, "Are you annoyed yet?" while spamming HE shells at them.  Killing the player I would sometimes say "You Mad Bruh?"  Of course instead of using the tactic of extreme vulgarity or foul language trying to insult the other player.

  With that being said I tried this tactic last night.  Of course nothing I said on my part was actually worthy of a chat ban, I was well needless to say reported by a couple of players who could not apparently handle this Constructive Criticism.  So with this I did file a ban appeal and the ban was lifted.  With this being said are there ways of doing things differently rather than being just a SALT yes there are.  Can some players handle it?  No.  

 Being a constructive critic is not something that is considered bullying.  It's not something that's intimidating in nature or destructive.  How ever the player using this may get chat banned because the player taking these comments can not handle it.  They think you are in the wrong when you actually are not.  As long as you keep the foul language out of it nothing can happen to you, when you go to file your ban appeal as I did.  So should this tactic be used by players?  Moderators some help on this topic would be great on your thoughts as well.  I don't know if it should be used or not in game.  But to Wargaming depending on the type of Constructive Criticism it's not illegal to use.

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As stated in previous threads, this really isn't a topic that is going to produce constructive conversation.  I believe the poll will remain active, but we need to lock this before things get too heated.

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