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I wanted to take a moment to review the differences between the Graf Zeppelin (GZ) AP dive bombers vs Deep Water Torpedoes (DWT). I have heard arguments for the DWT but none for the AP Dive bombers. I am reading about this excitement for the GZ DWT. However, it is the AP dive bombers that are more effective than the DWT. In an effort to persuade others to see the light, I will explain my rationalization.


First, Let us look at raw numbers. The AP Dive Bombers have a damage output of 8400. Each squad has 6 bombers (including air supremacy skill).  If all bombs hit for MAX damage, the total would be 151,200.  (6 bombers in 3 squads). DWT have a damage out of 10500 per torpedo. If all torpedoes hit for MAX damage, the total would be 157,500 (5 bombers in 3 squads). That is a difference of 6,300 damage. That is not that big of a difference.


Currently, or in the last iteration of the GZ test, we have/had a 1/0/3 (one fighter and 3 AP dive bombers) or a 1/2/1 (one fighter, 2 DWT, and 1 AP dive bomber). With the second set up, you have a total potential damage of 189,000 (2 squads of 5 DWT; 1 squad of 10 AP bombers). Now, they is a TON of potential damage. Unfortunately, 105,000 of that damage is limited two only two types of classes.


Second, Let us look at the potential targets. Currently DWT (for GZ) are restricted to only Battleships and carriers. This significantly limits the amount of targets you can hit. If you are a cruiser heavy game, too bad. If all the enemy battleships die off in the first few minutes, so sad.

Well, what about the one squad of AP bombs? While, yes, they potential can hit all targets. This single squad suffers from the same issue the single HE dive bomber squad of the Saipan. The issue of RNG. By only having one squad, you only receive one RNG roll. With 3 different squads, you have three different rolls. Having more bombers in your one squad does not increase the chance of hitting a target. The best case scenario is to have multiple, smaller squads. While I have not done the official scientific method for this statement, this has been my experience playing all carrier classes with dive bombers.


Third, Time to discuss the angle of attack. This ‘hidden’ feature is the real killer for DWT (Having to attack from an angle). You have your target in your sights. You send the planes into attack. You come at your target. The first thing he/she will do is start to turn. Now you have keep your planes in their AA bubble longer to get the proper angle to drop your DWT or risk missing some or all of torpedoes. AP bombs do not have to suffer this longevity (irony intended) in the AA bubble. They go in, attack and come out.

The amazing ‘hidden’ feature of the AP bomber is their high risk, high reward nature. I am NOT taking about the automatic attack for these bombers. That is easy and does reward has much as the manual attack. Through playing these test versions of the AP dive bombers, I have found that there is a sweet spot in the dead center of most of the battleships and cruisers. The best example of this is the Iowa armor layout. To see this visualized, load up the armor layout. Turn everything off except the “Vital Parts” tab (the far right one). You will see a very week citadel deck in the center of the ship (This is a visual representation only. Avoid attacking an Iowa with dive bombers). Since the manual attack is very small it allows for very precise attacks or misses. Hitting the fore or the aft of the ships does very little in damage compared to the center. It may be easy hitting a target sitting still or moving in a straight line, but if your target begins to turn, missing 50% or more is a very real possibility.  I would argue to use the AP bombs to maximum potential requires a lot more skill than most other carriers and all other ordinance save for GZ HE bombs.

All in all, why limit yourselves playing with DWT for GZ when you can be so much more effective with the AP dive bombers. Granted you are losing some potential damage when moving to AP bombers, but you have a higher chance of hitting your target with some skill and practice using the manual drops. You spend less time in the ‘AA bubble,’ allowing for more of your planes to return home for another attack. With AP bombers, all targets are valid…including destroyers. (AP bombs have the same issues as Battleships AP have on destroyers.)


Still not sold, try it for yourselves. :Smile_hiding:



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Anecdotally, I saw several GZs last week and the BB drivers were whining about getting erased with 1 DB drop.

That said, the planes get swatted easily, but that was Kutozov so....

Nice writeup.

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DWT are a joke for carriers, especially in matches with 4+ DDs per team.


I'll take the AP bombs over DWT cause overpens on DD are better than their being invulnerable.

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